Use of Bagged Cement

When using bagged cement;

  • Protect them from moisture.
  • Do not stack more than 10 bags in a row.
  • Do not store them for more than three months.
  • Use them according to the principles of Turkish standards.
  • Carefully load and unload them. Prevent them from any damages during transport.
  • Do not hold them by the edges, grasp them with both hands from underneath and lift them as such.
  • Do not drag them, carry them properly and carefully.
  • Do not hang them from cars or crates.
  • Do not roll them over the edges and corners nor drop them onto their edges and corners.
  • Inspect each bag while lifting, and if you find a tear or hole on any side of the bag, make sure the side with tear or hole is on top.
  • Ensure that the loading area and the location, where you stock them, are neat and clean.