Rose from the Aegean, grew with Turkey

For more than 50 years, Batıçim continues to offer its customers high quality reliable products in both domestic and global markets.

Adding value to regional and country economy

The group, which is among the leading firms of Turkey in the sectors where it operates with the principles of sustainable production and responsible industrialism, continues to contribute to the economy of the region and the country.

Since 1966 our ideology has been providing reliable and high quality products

Batıçim exports to more than 30 countries, the right human resource in the right job with the philosophy of evaluating the sector with confident steps continues.

We contribute to sustainable economic growth with the workforce we create, the added value we provide and the export we perform.

Bati Anadolu Group

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Bati Anadolu Group

We continue to adding value to Turkey’s economy and developing in the field of export as a company producing clinker for countries more than 30 since 1966. You can visit the “export page” for more information.

4 Different Continent
More Than 30 Countries

We Reduce the Carbon Footprint

We add value to the nature by decreasing the carbon emission thanks to waste disposal and technological investments.

267.632.047 kg

2018 Carbon Saving at the Year of

196.354.608 kg

2019 Carbon Saving at the Year of

35.751.614 kg

2020 Carbon Saving at the Year of
Batı Anadolu Group

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