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50 yılı aşkın süredir hayallerimizin peşinden koşuyoruz...

We contribute to sustainable economic growth with the workforce we create, the added value we provide and the export we perform

BATIÇİM Batı Anadolu Cement Industry Co. Ltd. was established in 1966 with 100% Turkish capital and became one of the strongest companies of Turkish Cement Industry.

During a period of more than half a century since its foundation, it wasn't contended with just meeting a significant portion of our country's cement need, with its environmentally friendly products of superior quality, which it has offered to the service of the building sector with the understanding of "quality first" it has adopted and with its perfect service understanding, and has also become a trusted and recognized brand in the international markets.

With its world-class technology it utilizes in its clinker and cement production, BATIÇİM proceeds on its way in the sector with confident steps with its professional staff that has been created with the philosophy of employing the right human resource in the right positions. Batıçim contributes to the national economy and to increasing the quality of life of the society with its investments in the region where it operates. As one of the largest industrial enterprises in the Aegean region, it provides added value in economic, social and cultural spheres in addition to creating significaant employment in the region.

Bati Anadolu Group

Our Corporate Values

We Care About the Environment

We pay utmost attention to prevent environmental pollution and to use natural sources conciously, minimize the wastes at its source and regain these wastes to the economy of the world whenever possible.

We're Moving Forward with the Latest Technologies

We closely follow the technological developments in our sector in order to produce world-class high-quality products, and we move forward with the latest technologies available.

We Care About Life

We are working for more than 50 years now with our excitement on the first day to reinforce the foundations of the buildings that are to provide safe living quarters to you.


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Having been meeting a significant part of the cement needs in our country for a period of more than half a century, Batıçim is a company that is relied on also in the international markets with its production capacity of clinker and cement it has attained.

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We offer job opportunities for new graduates in their career development, and an environment for students, where they can practice their education.

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