Aegean Region's Export Gate Opening Up the World..

Having been one of the leading cement producers in Aegean Region thanks to its high standard plants and facilities, research and development works, technology investments,the employment it has created, the income it has made from exports and the taxes it has paid, Batı Anadolu Group continues its activities by expanding its export capacity with each passing day since 1982. It ships its exports primarily through its own port, that is Batıliman, and on the other hand it expands its hinterland via road and railroad transportation.

We leave our mark on the world...

We continue to provide added value for Turkey's economy with our investments and our strong export performance. As we progress towards our goal step by step, our ideology is to have a story that stretches from the Aegean Region to the World.



Explore our wide product range composed of cements and clinkers that
we produce with our innovator point of view and experience which is more than 50 years.

Product Name Cement
Type of Packaging Bulk, SlingBag, BigBag
Product Name Clinker
Type of Packaging Bulk

Batıliman, Heart of the Export

Batıliman increases its success rate every year with its customer satisfaction oriented service approach.